This workshop is to facilitate the awakening and remembering of your Authentic Power. We all have it inside of us. However sometimes it gets lost.

During this workshop, I will create a safe, nurturing and empowering space that will allow you to facilitate your only healing journey of transformation – so that you may feel stronger, more self-assured, more embodied and lighter, with more vitality, self-acceptance and self-knowing.

It will help you reconnect with your body, through movement therapy, trauma release exercises, writing, meditation and deep process work.

This is a fully integrated course that will take each participant on a journey to access their true Inner Power.

It is a safe and supportive way to journey deep within yourself and heal without words!

When we experience trauma in our life, severe stress, depression, physical illness or emotional chaos; we can experience a Loss in Power.

We might forget why we are here; we lose hope, direction, inspiration and courage. We lose touch with our connection to others, ourselves; our essence. We become stuck.

This course is an opportunity to change the way you think about yourself, and to create a new pathway for your life going forward.

I am an experienced space holder who creates sacred spaces for people to heal, let go, awaken and transform. This will be a deep spiritual journey and my endeavor through this workshop is to help you retrieve the lost parts of you that are ready to come back to yourself – to access your true Inner Power!