What is the program?

The “Empower your Voice Program” and has been developed to take you on a transformational journey into empowering your own voice and creative expression in the world. This program is mainly aimed at leaders, because it’s the leaders and entrepreneurs who are needing to deliver important messages and make the necessary changes in our world with authentic and creative impact.

We all hold a unique “Gift” that we are destined to express and share! Many of us are far from accessing this gift, as we don’t have the tools, means, patience or ability to Truly be able to connect with our inner-most Self. Many of us might find ourselves expressing and creating… but where is it coming from? What is driving it? Is it really authentic? Is it supporting those around you? Is it even true for the person you are right now?

Times are changing, and we are REALLY needing the leaders of the future to start creating from honest and integral places. We want the entrepreneurs to be heart-centered so that when decisions need to be made, they come from the right place… and not derived out of fear, ego, control and the mis-use of power.

This program has been developed to help you:

  • Remember who you really are
  • To get clear about your unique message
  • To act and make decisions from a grounded and heart centered space
  • To clear any emotional or mental baggage from the past that might be standing in your way
  • To find your True Voice
  • To give you the confidence to express in the world
  • To create a new or improved brand that is aligned with who you really are

It is for individuals who:

  1. Take their life and life-purpose seriously
  2. Are committed
  3. Know they have a message to share with the world
  4. Might be fearful about expressing themselves in the world
  5. Are desiring a more meaningful and purposeful life
  6. Desiring a more self-realized life
  7. Are wanting the keys and tools to unlock who they really are
  8. Are open-minded and willing to try something new
  9. Are willing to make the necessary changes in their life

The problems you might be having:

  1. Unable to fully embody and bring to life your business offering into the world
  2. Lack of confidence and courage to share and express
  3. Too much fear and anxiety
  4. Limiting beliefs that are stopping you from empowering yourself
  5. Fear around not being good enough
  6. Unable to hear your own Heart’s calling
  7. Distracted, scattered and ungrounded
  8. Lack of clarity about what you are meant to be doing with your life
  9. Lacking strategy and motivation
  10. Having many ideas but they are all in your head
  11. Not connected and centered in your own creation energy
  12. Constantly comparing yourself to others
  13. You are technically challenged and don’t have the know-how or skills to ground your dreams into reality through digital technology

These are the results you can expect:

  1. Empower your voice
  2. Reclaim your authentic power
  3. Acquire self-confidence and motivation
  4. Healthier form of self-expression
  5. To make decisions that are aligned with who you reallyare
  6. Feel more joyful, loving, open and receptive to life
  7. Heal trauma and blocks around your voice and expression
  8. Release and transform heavy emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger, grief, shame, depression, bitterness or sadness.
  9. Reconnect to your body
  10. Get clear about your message
  11. Bring your ideas and dreams into an embodied space and bring it into action
  12. Receive insights and wisdom around living a more meaningful and inspired life
  13. More heart-centeredness
  14. More inner-peace
  15. Increased vitality
  16. To find the true purpose for your life
  17. A new or improved brand that is aligned with your True Nature.

Why is this program different?

This program supports you to access your own “Inner-Power” –  so that you might take up space in the world authentically from a genuine knowingness that comes from deep inside of you.

I help you face your light and shadow and integrate these into wholeness so that your true creative energy can be birthed. If you have not explored all these parts of you, you are missing a big part of your GIFT.

This is the time now where we need authentic and honest change-makers to make a difference in the world. My gift is to help you remember your true nature and your highest soul destiny. Most people on earth are not living their highest destiny – they are far from it! I want to empower you. The time is now to Wake up, Remember and Act.

About your facilitator, Leigh Goodman
Why can I help you?

From a young age, I stuttered severely and was terrified of speaking in front of an audience. With the stuttering came other difficulties such as insecurity and low self-esteem.

This fear and insecurity had later became one of my greatest resources. It was actually a KEY. I overcame the very thing that was my barrier. Often our biggest fear and insecurity bring our greatest gift!

When I was 23 years old, I had an awakening experience that changed my life. I started working with a spiritual teacher who supported me to find out who I really was; and to shift the parts of me that were deeply wounded and afraid. Soon after, my stuttering started to go. Three years later, I was a lecturer in a design college in Cape Town – This led me to overcome one of deepest fears which was to stand up in front of an audience to speak!

I have dedicated the last 18 years of my life to living a life that is spiritually and purposefully aligned, meaningful, exciting and courageous – which has come with tremendous growth. I have developed skills, techniques, heightened intuition and wisdom that only one can really embody with time, patience and great willingness.

I am a successful entrepreneur in the local and international space. I run workshops, classes and trainings. My latest project is a platform called Senior Guided Movement which offers online movement meditation classes for seniors to support upliftment, physical movement, stress relief and emotional well-being.

Today, I hardly ever stutter. I have spoken at corporate events and been interviewed on radio. Over the last ten years, I have developed my own unique methods and ways to heal the complexities around the fear of self-expression – this in turn has led me to support others to find their true voice and creative expression, to lift the veils of illusion so that you can hear your own truth, expand from within, create from the heart and express your purpose in the world!

I am here to hold space for you to transform steadily, gracefully and courageously with deep long-lasting impact.

Are you ready?

To read more about Leigh Goodman, please click here:


How does the program work and what is included?

  1. The program is divided into 3 modules that span over 4 months
  2. You can decide to do all 3 or select your preferred modules
  3. All classes will be facilitated online
  4. Recordings will be available if you cannot attend live
  5. The program will include:
    1. 2 x monthly group classes (8 in total)
      1. Monday Evenings (South African Time) 18:30 – 21:00
    2. Program manual
    3. Various E-books and guided audios to support you
    4. New branding and creative digital design work for your business
      (This will be catered to each of your individual requirements)

      1. A new or upgraded corporate brand Identity
        (Logo design, letterhead, email signature and facebook page design)
      2. Creative design layouts for your website
    5. Reduced rates on all 1 on 1 sessions during the program

Joining the program

“Empower your Voice” is divided into 3 modules with different focus areas:

MODULE 1: Awakening your voice, working through fears and wounds around expression, learning how to act and express from an authentic space, raising of consciousness and learning to cultivate your creation energy from the right place. (2 months)

MODULE 2: Finding your power and learning how to effectively work with it and express it through your actions and voice. (1 month) 

MODULE 3: Creation of an upgraded or new brand identity (1 month)


  • You can decide to do all OR you can select what modules you would like to do
  • Please note that Module 1 must be completed before you do Module 2
  • If you only require Module 3, please contact Leigh directly and this will be assessed on a per-person basis.
  • Module 1 and 2 have different focuses but they will both equally work on awakening more of your voice, turning your fears into your greatest gifts, working on cultivating your authentic creativity, purpose, bringing more “Knowing” to who you are as well as working through the various layers of fears and wounds that will be stopping you. 


For the entire program: (spans over 4 months)

$USD980.00 | R14 400.00 for South Africans

Monthly Payment Plan Available: $270.00 | R3800.00 per month (for 4 months)

MODULE 1 only (spans over 2 months)

$USD280.00 | R4000.00 for South Africans

Monthly Payment Plan Available: $95.00 | R1450.00 per month (for 3 months)

MODULE 1 & 2 only (spans over 3 months)

$USD365.00 | R5400.00 for South Africans

OR Monthly Payment Plan: $95.00 | R1450.00 per month (for 4 months)

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