Do I need to be a dancer to attend your classes?
Absolutely not! These classes require no prior dance experience. Most of the classes that involve dance, invite the body to move intuitively – therefore there is no need to be a dancer.

Are classes for males and females?
Unless otherwise specified, classes are open to both men and women.

Where are you based?
At the moment, I am based in Cape Town, South Africa.

How much are your classes and workshops?
All classes and events have their own prices. See upcoming classes page. If you require a tailor-made interactive workshop, prices will be provided once more information is gathered about your specific requirements.

Do you run workshops or events in other countries
Yes. At present, I am offering many classes online. Look out for workshops and trainings being offered in 2021 and 2022 in different parts of the world. If you would like to request me to run a retreat in your city, please do contact me and we can discuss further.

What is the difference between Innerdance and Journey Through Dance?
They are quite different experiences. With regards to the movement or dance aspect of it – InnerDance you are lying down on a yoga matt. Your eyes are closed. You drop into a deep surrendering process to begin and you invite the movements to come spontaneously through you. There could be a lot of movement or very little. There is a bit of guidance from myself. Journey through Dance is a conscious movement practice where generally you are on your feet for a lot of the process. It is a guided journey from the beginning to the end.

What do I wear to your classes?
Wear clothes that are very comfortable to move in. Wear several layers in case you get cold or hot. It is always good to bring a journal, water and a blanket. For specific classes, I will mention what you should bring.

What is energy healing?
If we take physical illness or pain as an example. The pain or illness doesn’t start in the physical body. There are several energy bodies (or subtle bodies as some people call them) that some spiritual healers, shamans and clairvoyants can see or feel. They are the spiritual, emotional, mental and etheric bodies (to name the main ones). They surround the physical body. For example – You might have stomach pain. The stomach pain might be caused by an emotion that you are not able to let go of. Perhaps it could be anger. So this blockage could sit in the emotional body. As an energy healer, we work on these subtle bodies; healing and releasing stuck energies. This is just an example, but it will hopefully give you more insight.

Do I need to be spiritual to attend your classes?
No. This is for anyone that wants to learn more about themselves and heal. I do not prescribe to any religious sect. My work can be for anyone. Come with an open mind.