1) Surrender
Tuesday 8th September (6pm – 8pm)

2) Trusting
Sunday 13th September (2pm – 4pm)

3) Forgiveness
Tuesday 22ND September      6pm – 8pm)

1) Surrender

A deeper layer or aspect of Self is required to surrender in order for something new, unfamiliar or unseen to be able to find its way through to the surface. It’s a letting go process.

If we keep accumulating… and I’m not just talking about physical things (even though sometimes the surrendering process involves that too)… then we don’t allow ourselves to make space for what is actually required.

Surrendering is actually a powerful space to be able to hold within Self. It is not a weakness or a giving up. Giving up and Surrendering are two very different energies. I invite you to also reflect on that.

  • What is within you that is requiring Surrender?
  • What is moving through you right now where you are resisting Surrender?
  • What does the word Surrender bring up for you?
  • How does the word Surrender meet the world at this point in time?
  • How does the body, heart, mind and spirit respond and feel to this Surrendering process?

“The moment of surrender is not when life is over, it’s when it begins.”
Marianne Williamson.

2) Trusting

How much do you trust yourself?
How much do you trust others?
How much do you trust the planet you are walking on?

Trust is linked to the Heart Chakra or Spiritual Heart. When the Heart is open, we are open to receive and give Love. Trust is then happening on a very deep level. This energy of Trust will then open doors and influence how we magnetize what we are desiring in life.

Trusting ourselves in relation to how we show up in the world is linked to our self-worth. When we keep doubting ourselves and don’t allow ourselves to fully step into our power, we are also moving away from Trust.

When we can step into the spaces within us of deep Inner-Trust; where we trust ourselves, our intuition, our progress, our path, our voice and the lessons we are learning, we are able to step fully into the embodiment of a Trust.

In the Innerdance, Trust is one of the most important concepts spoken about and is Key to having a deep transformative experience.

“Trust starts with truth and ends with truth.” Santosh Kalwar

3) Forgiveness

The deeper layers of the letting-go process often ask us to go into the realms of Forgiveness.

It sounds simple. Or it might sound like something that is only important in extreme situations.
However, this is not true.

If we look at ourselves, would you be willing to really forgive all the parts of you that have doubted yourself, made yourself small, underestimated yourself, even hated yourself. If we can REALLY forgive ourselves for what we have done to ourselves (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually), we begin to let go of tight & thick layers within our psyche that are binding us to unhealthy Karma and perpetual cycles of suffering.

In order to truly Awaken, one needs to forgive…. And forgive regularly!
The journey of forgiveness will be different for each person, but there is one common thread and that is that it is comes with non-attachment to the outcome, deep self-love and a willingness to let go of a tough and hard exterior. Walls have to come down.

  • Where are you holding onto that requires forgiveness?
  • What do you see in yourself that is really difficult to accept or even look at?
  • Who are the people in your life that trigger you so much that you don’t want to be around them?
  • What are you deeply ashamed of?
  • What incident in your life are you not willing to let go of?

“When a deep injury is done to us, we never heal until we forgive.” Nelson Mandela

Intentions & Benefits for these sessions:

  • Releasing tightly held beliefs and energetics within us
  • Letting go of that which is “difficult”
  • Transformational Shadow Work, bringing you closer to your Remembering
  • Receiving physical, emotional, mental and spiritually healing
  • Awakening Heart Consciousness
  • Deeper Trust Within yourself
  • Letting go of old belief systems & patterns
  • Letting go of old paradigms of consciousness
  • Shifting trigger reactions
  • Freedom and Flow
  • Increased capacity to hold more Light within
  • Birthing True Inner Power
  • Increased Consciousness and Awareness of Self
  • Bringing you into a direct experience of yourself as energy
  • Rising of appropriate Kundalini energy



R180 per session
R480 for all 3 sessions
(If you have already missed a session, you can still acquire all 3, as they will be recorded)
EFT: Leigh Goodman | FNB | Branch code: 201809 | Account Number: 62050809767
Reference Example: IDSeries-YourName-Surrender   OR   IDSeries-YourName-All


$14USD per session
$36USD for all 3 sessions
(If you have already missed a session, you can still acquire all 3, as they will be recorded)
Payment via Paypal – use email address: info@leighgoodman.com

Reference Example: IDSeries-YourName-Surrender   OR   IDSeries-YourName-All

Please send POP to leigh@journeythroughdance.co.za or info@leighgoodman.com

Zoom Links will then be sent to you!

Information about the Zoom Calls

  • In order to join, bookings are required. You will then receive Zoom Links
  • Each session I will be presenting Live on Zoom
  • The sessions will start off with 15 – 20 minutes of circle connection (Please ensure that you join on time for this otherwise you will not be let in)
  • This will then be followed by the Innerdance Journey
  • We will then close with a closing sharing circle
  • All sessions will be recorded

What is InnerDance?

  • The best way I can describe it is an intensive sound healing journey that unravels one into the Truth. The Innerdance works by taking you into 12 stages of transformation and this occurs via the playlist and intention of the facilitator.
  • You start lying down…. And as the music and sounds play you will journey into the spaces you need to go to. The body, heart, mind and spirit can move, dance and express When and If it feels called to.
  • InnerDance is based on the analogy that our body is a book with stored memories that have been accumulated over a lifetime/s. With the analogy of the body being a book, the sound waves from the music allow us to access parts of ourselves we are ordinarily unconscious to.
  • InnerDance is grounded in the science of vibration, senses, sound and frequency to create shifts through the different brainwaves and internal process, peeling away the layers of our conditioned mental limitations. We then see what is beneath all the systems of thought that covers up the actual consciousness of our heart.
  • These soundscapes are created to take you out of ordinary reality into the Library of your True Being
  • The process has a way of slowing down our thought processes so that we can remember our nature. We Wake Up.If you are familiar with Breathwork, Innerdance is like the sister to Breathwork. The experiences can be similar; however Innerdance has no technique and no form. It is complete surrender – The feminine, the chaos, total allowing, spontaneous flow, non –doing – It happens in full trust in the unknown.
  • Due to the sound frequencies, the nervous system rebalances and often allows for a lot of trauma release, emotional release and expression that would otherwise be suppressed or unseen.

Guidelines & Things to Know:

  • Firstly, you don’t need any prior experience.
  • This process will take you as deep as you are ready to go. Be as you are.
  • You will require a comfortable place to lie down – preferably on a yoga mat (on a carpet). You can lie on your bed, but be careful that you won’t fall asleep. A yoga mat OR a thin mattress on the floor or carpet is therefore better. You might want to have a thin cushion for your head
  • Ensure you have some space around you
  • Make sure you have layered clothes on / a warm top / blanket close by in case you get cold
  • Ensure that you will not be disturbed
  • Headphones are recommended for a full sound experience but not vital.
  • The actual journey will comprise of a playlist that I will be creating for each Element. Live instruments, spontaneous voice, singing and self-enquiry will also be included during the sessions to support the space
  • Through energetic distant healing, sound healing and the holding of sacred space I will support the group energetically through the process
  • You lie down in sessions and allow the body to respond as it feels called to respond.
  • This might take the form of subtle or large movements, tremmering, dancing, sitting, spinal movements, shaking, crying, laughing, singing and also no movement at all – Be as you are! Also allow emotions and feelings to surface and give them an opportunity to express.
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