Journey through Dance is a conscious movement practice of exploring parts of ourselves through dance, movement and meditation. You do not need to know how to dance. The journey invites your body to move and respond intuitively – allowing your total self to find its honest and unique expression.

When we begin to move our bodies in this way, we build strong connections to ourselves and others giving way to birth the creative, heart-filled potential that we all have inside.

A Journey through Dance class always has a theme. Examples:

  • The Four Elements
  • Awakening the Feminine
  • The Wild Woman
  • Connecting to your Inner Child
  • Balancing the Chakras
  • Male Warrior. Female Guardian
  • Soften and Surrender
  • Ancestors
  • Connection

How we dance reflects the way we live and connect with others. How we live and connect with others reflects our dance.

Dancing is about connection. Connection with yourself and the connection with others. In a time when there is so much disconnection, dance is a wonderful universal tool to help us to connect more deeply.

Classes can assist in letting go of negative emotions, stagnant energy, pain, anger, stress and trauma. Through dancing our emotional blockages and original wounding’s, we invite a space for releasing of the “Old” and the emerging of our true self.

Classes also offer an opportunity for healing, deep release, transformation, connection, physical healing, shifting of energy, insights and expansion.

The process, usually 2 – 2.5 hours, is guided with verbal cues to prompt different responses, reactions and emotions to help you to connect deeper.

Leigh has been facilitating Journey through Dance classes since 2009 and is now offering a Teacher Training for anyone that is feeling called.

Journey through Dance Teacher Training

This course is catered to not only teach you techniques and tools to become a movement & conscious dance facilitator, but it has been created to help facilitate deep healing, the awakening of your purpose, your essence and the true Teacher inside of you.

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