Shamanic Poetry is a process where we use shamanic practices to gain access into deeper levels of consciousness through Writing, Movement and Sound. Allowing the subconscious, the higher-self, the unseen worlds, as well as Devine wisdom to channel through you – for your creative and intuitive self to find expression.

We do this by combining meditation, sound, writing, process work and sometimes movement.

Each class will have a different theme. That theme becomes the gateway or access point into your subconscious – from where we begin to gather the inspiration for the rest of the class.

The word Shamanic comes from the word shaman – which means “one who sees and knows”. The Shaman is deeply connected to nature and has the ability to travel into different realms of reality to gain knowledge; often to assist in the healing of others.

These are possible reasons why you might want to attend these classes:

  • To gain inspiration for a book you are writing
  • To have a creative and meditative space to work on your songs or poems
  • Perhaps you are needing to come up with inspiring words for a project you are busy with
  • You are an artist and need to give words to your art
  • Maybe you need to write content for your website or blog and don’t know where or how to start
  • Perhaps you have created a card deck and now need to write the words that match the art
  • You might be feeling lost and need to connect with your divine wisdom which is trying to speak to you
  • You are feeling lost in life and looking for direction. You might want to discover your soul purpose.
  • You are looking for a quiet and  gentle healing space where you can feel free to tap into your innate creativity.

Please bring with you a diary to write in and some pens (perhaps a combo of colours if possible)
Please feel free to bring as many creative items to write or draw with.
Feel free to bring any sacred objects into the space or anything related to the theme of the evening.

I would advise to buy a specific book for Shamanic Poetry classes so that you can keep your writing and creations all in one place.

To book a session, please check the upcoming classes and workshop to see when the next event will be.