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A journey through the heart and throat chakra’s to awaken the hidden voice inside of you.

My intention for these sessions is to open up a space for you to explore, activate and heal your Voice & Expression.

Each session will be intuitively guided and in alignment with your highest purpose.

1 Hour Private Sessions via Skype / Zoom
Price: R450.00 | $USD33.00
Packages available: Book 3 sessions upfront for R1140.00 | $USD80.00
Payments via EFT for South Africans or Paypal

To make a booking, please email

Benefits of Voice Activation Sessions

  • Improving confidence
  • Healing self-worth wounds
  • Releasing of trauma
  • Letting go of inhibitions around expression
  • Working through fear around expression
  • Trusting your voice
  • Life Purpose becomes clearer
  • Your Message to the world becomes clearer
  • Opens and heals the Heart Chakra
  • Opens and heals the Throat Chakra
  • Opens and heals the Womb Chakra
  • Opens new paradigms of consciousness
  • Promotes healing and balance to the nervous system
  • Increases creativity
  • Increases connection to your hidden gifts
  • Increases connection to Mother Earth
  • Merging with Source and Creation

My story with my voice

My journey with The Voice is an interesting one. I was a stutterer, so my wound to my voice was there from a young age. Ironically I loved to perform for my family and close friends. I think I also always wanted to be on stage! I would sing and act and seemed to do that quite easily at home. But I would never do performances in school or dare get on stage in case I would stutter. The only time I did get on stage growing up was for ballet eisteddfods. Orals in school were of course quite a nightmare!

My stuttering improved a lot once I was in my twenties. It really changed as I got into my mid-thirties, where I hardly express in that way anymore. For me, my stuttering was a direct reflection of my self-worth.

It was in 2006 that I went to an astrologer in Glastonbury, England to have my birth chart reading done. She asked me what my 3 favourite movies are. I gave her my 3 movies. They were – “Three Little Words”, “That Thing Called Love” and “My Fair Lady”. When I explained to her the basic story-line of some of these movies…she smiled! She asked me – “Do you see the connection?” At first, I didn’t. She then began to show me how these movies are all to do with the Voice. They are about the transformation of the voice, the transformation of expression from “One expression into another”. WOW! At that time, I had never really given the “voice” much thought…She was actually the one that advised me to take singing lessons…. Which I did!

When I got back to Cape Town after living in London for some time, I spent one year lecturing in a collage which for me was one of the biggest milestones in terms of confidence and expression that I had ever accomplished.

It was much later that I began to explore healing modalities around the voice. Sound healing was very familiar to me but I had never thought that I would actually be doing that myself. As things happen in life, it kept showing itself to me – again and again. My voice started to open up in ways I couldn’t have imagined. And here I am…

At this moment I am aware and conscious that the sounds that I am channelling are coming through an Ancient Medicine Woman (who is deeply connected to Mother Earth), through the Magdalene Energies (The Essence of The Rose) and the Mer People (Mermaids).