These sessions address our fears around expression and will support you energetically to clear blockages, fears, traumas, uncomfortable memories, emotional wounds and karmic patterns – then to awaken to our Truest Expression!

These sessions are intuitively guided always in alignment with your highest purpose.

Price: R550.00 | $USD40.00
Packages available: Book 3 sessions upfront for R1200.00 | $USD100.00
Payments via EFT for South Africans or Paypal

To make a booking, please email

These are some of the benefits that you might experience from these sessions:

  • Improved confidence
  • Healing self-worth issues
  • Letting go of inhibitions around expression
  • Working through fears and trauma around expression
  • Trusting your voice
  • You might start to talk differently
  • Improved communication in relationships
  • Life purpose becomes clearer
  • Raising your frequency
  • Your message to the world becomes clearer
  • Opens and heals the heart, throat and womb chakras
  • Opens new paradigms of consciousness
  • Promotes healing and balance to the nervous system
  • Increases creative energy lifeforce
  • Increases connection to hidden gifts
  • Increases connection to Mother Earth
  • Feel more energized and joyful