Thank you again for the inner dance sessions. It moved a lot within me and every session was profound and needed. What the sessions brought up in me is connecting to my sensuality/sexuality/femininity/willpower and standing in my full power. ” Eveline

During this period of ID, I experienced increased intuition and psychic abilities. Even though its intense i really love this work because it connects me with my spirit and gives me a taste of my true potential.” Mithra

“My session with Leigh proved to be truly insightful and grounding. Her naturally calm guidance facilitated confronting a fear of expressing my voice with a sense of being held and supported safely and without judgment. This enabled me to experience a feeling of freedom and joy giving myself permission to open my unique voice to the world with love. I highly recommend a session with Leigh if you are seeking freedom of expression of your voice. Her intuitive and gentle guidance allows a sense of nurturing and a flow of expression. ” ~ Awaken the Hidden Voice Session. Juanita.

“I loved the finding my voice session so much! It Definitely released unwanted and blocked emotion. It came after a particularly traumatic experience, and showed me the same pattern playing out from a young age. This enabled me to take responsibility for the my thoughts and actions that allow it to repeat, and release trapped energy still sitting in my system. Thank you” Nicky

Thank you very much for this beautiful deep and transformative space yesterday. For me, I started to find myself as a kind of humanlike alien in a spaceship. You were there too as a humanlike alien of the same race :). I felt huge life force energy inside myself I have never felt before and a deep loving connection to you. I felt it was a reunion after a long time. Afterwards, there was a lot of tingling all over my body and it felt like a lot of old staff was cleared out and I did not need to know what it was in particular. This happened especially when you were playing the instruments. I have recognized that this also happened in other inner dance sessions I already did. During the parts where there was a mix with all these different songs, there was just a watcher present that listened attentively to theses sounds and remained undisturbed. That was for me very interesting to experience. Andrea

Thank you again for the inner dance sessions. It moved a lot within me and every session was profound and needed. What the sessions brought up in me is connecting to my sensuality/sexuality/femininity/willpower and standing in my full power. ” Eveline

Thank you for an extremely powerful session. I’ve done ayahuasca before and there was so much similarity in the experiences. I felt extremely ill about halfway through and I just kept focusing on being with the experience and allowing it to do whatever work it needed to. I am working through childhood and adult trauma and am always looking for modalities to support me. I’ve loved this experience and will definitely sign up for more! Heidi

Thank you for that it was amazing. I had such clear visions again. I am having a lot of intense dreams and synchronicities again. I can’t wait for the next session. Natalie

Thank you so much again for an amazing Inner Dance session last week. I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt that I was able to move through some stuff which had been keeping me stuck until that point. Deep deep gratitude to you for providing and holding such a beautiful space. Thank you :) Megan

I am 59 years old, and I can honestly say that of ALL the transformational workshops I’ve done (both local and international), this Inner Dance Intensive was the BEST ever!!! Facilitators Sharyn and Leigh were brilliant, intuitive and very knowledgeable. I always felt supported as I navigated my healing journey. If ever you get an opportunity to experience Inner Dance, do not hesitate. It is a mind-blowing experience that WILL change your life!! Kathy

Thank you for a wonderful and gentle evening of beginnings of reconnection and reawakening. I felt really energized today and poised for whatever may come my way. Nadya

That was really a delicious session Leigh and something I will certainly do again! Linda

I have attended many of Leigh’s sessions and have benefited greatly from them. Her passion for what she is doing and her attitude of openness puts me at ease, and in the safe environment she creates, I feel able to participate freely without pressure or judgement. After each session, I have felt that something important for me has been uncovered. I am in awe of the transformative power of these classes and intend to continue with them. Tehzeen

Over the years, I have attended a number of Journey Through Dance classes offered by Leigh. Leigh continues to hold a gentle – yet powerful supportive space for her clients and students – no matter where you find yourself at the time. I love the balance of personal reflection and movement that she offers through her workshops and classes. I sincerely hope you get to experience it for yourself. Thank you Leigh! Meryl

It was really amazing. I totally forgot how much I love dancing. It was so amazing to just be me and let my hair down. Cant wait for the next one. Melissa

The class was a real eye opener on how I feel about being a woman. I realised that I feel disempowered as a woman, so now I’m on a mission to take back my power! I decided to dress more feminine and only wore skirts and dresses all week. I really enjoyed it and got great feedback! Thank you for a wonderful class! Ronel