Innerdance with Leigh-Rose

I am an Innerdance Facilitator and Trainer based in Cape Town. I have been facilitating sessions for individuals and groups since 2017 after I had travelled to the Philippines where I got to experience and learn the process from its origins. When I started facilitating sessions, I immediately realised that I was born to do this work. The natural Calling that came through me where I was finally putting all that I had gathered over many many years into this one offering.

The Innerdance process supports one to enter very heightened states of awareness whilst deeply letting go at the same time. It invites the body, heart, mind and spirit to speak it’s stored available wisdom, which can come through in many different ways.

I naturally found that my real gift was the ability to work with sound to support people to heal themselves. I do this through my voice, instruments, and music, often “singing” to the bodies – to wake them up. It has been a humble experience to witness hundreds of people join classes where I get to see miraculous transformations.

Innerdance is a powerful and potent modality that has the ability and potential to break down conditionings long held in the bodies and Hearts. It supports one to listen to the Calling of your own Heart and to return to that still space within where you can access the universe. It always shows the Truth and it allows you to express that to yourself.

To read more about how this process works – please click here.

Innerdance Community Projects

Innerdance is a modality that aids to support and transform addiction. It gives space for the client to process that which is difficult – without words! It is a safe, held environment which allows a disintegration of Self; allowing a recalibration and a reset. When we are not able to process our past effectively – we cannot move on. This is also a space to Dream… to invite the participant to have the space to dream who they Really want to be.

We are currently holding regular community Innerdance sessions for an addiction clinic in Hout Bay. See testimonials below. If you would like to chat to us more about having our facilitators support any of your patients – in groups / private capacity, please get in touch.

Innerdance Introduction Videos: