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In 2007, an intuitive healing modality began in the Philippines. It awoken in a man by the name of Pi Villaraza while fasting in isolation for two years; (eating only coconuts) in a remote island of the Philippines. Pi has facilitated the Innerdance in trainings and sessions for more than ten thousand people.


The Innerdance process works on bringing people into intuitive expansive states of consciousness, a trance-like experience that uses sound priming elements as the primary device through the Innerdance methodology that Pi uncovered during a very intense spiritual awakening he underwent between the years 2005 to 2007 in the Philippines after stepping away from his corporate life.

Innerdance is based on the analogy that our body is a book with stored memories that have been accumulated over a lifetime/s. With the analogy of the body being a book, the sound waves from the music allow us to access parts of ourselves we are ordinarily unconscious to.

The process peels away the layers of limitation, mask by mask, skin upon skin, fear by fear. We then see what is beneath all the systems of thought that covers up the actual consciousness of our heart.

It has a way of slowing down the thought process so that we can remember our nature. We wake up.

The process takes place when people enter the states of trust and thus, intuition and love that ensues. When participants feel the effects of that trust, something takes place in the mind and in the body that remembers its nature. That remembrance needs no instructions. It knows what to do as a direct connectedness to what it remembers intuitively.

You may experience it as a sound journey while your body, heart and mind responds intuitively – this could be through movement, shaking, memories, visions, insights, sounds and vibration.

For some, Innerdance can be seen as a powerful death and rebirth process. One has the opportunity to deeply let go and surrender while the “Innerdance” wakes up from within. The surrendering and awakening are both equally as important!

Many have described it as the wildest part and deepest meditation happening at the exact same time. This is what makes Innerdance unique. This state is often only accessible through plant medicine – yet for some, they experience it in Innerdance. The music takes one into what is called the 4th state of consciousness – or Wakeful REM state. This is the state where true miraculous healings can happen. It is when the brainwaves are oscillating at a deep delta and high gamma at the same time. One can feel like you are in a dreamstate. When the heart, mind and body can rest in this space – the shifts happen!

These deeper states also help switch off the mind. I have had several participants say that this was the best holiday for their mind that they have ever had!

The journey is always started lying down. There is a playlist that will play. This playlist is always different, but it follows a very specific pattern. Sometimes the playlist is pre-recorded, sometimes it will be played intuitively live. It works with sound frequencies to shift brain wave states; taking participants from their left analytical brain, to their right more intuitive brain; creating a shift. Some people describe it as an immediate way to get out of their head and into the heart. It sometimes can feel like your dreaming awake.

“The Innerdance playlist puts people’s fears to bed, as the dreamer wakes up consciously.”

Due to the sound frequencies, the nervous system rebalances and often allows for a lot of trauma release, emotional release and expression that would otherwise be suppressed or unseen.

Common experiences from participants are spontaneous movements, spinal movements, tremors, sudden memories or emotions surfacing that are needing healing or attention, enlightening realizations, life review, laughing and crying.

After sessions, people often report that they have a lot more energy, they have a new view on life, they are more revitalized and their energy feels clean and focused.

The “dance” itself has no structure or form. There are no rules. It can be dynamic or static, quiet or loud, soft or intense. Even in group work, each session is highly personal and experienced differently by each person.

In conjunction with the playlist, instruments are used as sound priming devices to add more depth to the journey. Spontaneous voice, self-enquiry and singing are often included, and hands on healing and touch are used to support the participant to go deeper – when called to do so by facilitators.


Leigh was very fortunate to have learned the Inner Dance Process from Pi himself in the Philippines in 2017. She attended an IDES (Inner Dance Energy School) where she was taught the facilitation process. Leigh got to work with various Innerdance teachers from around the world and experienced profound personal healing and awakening.

A few ways to describe Innerdance:

  • The deepest meditation and wildest party happening at the exact same time
  • A healing modality that brings people into altered states of consciousness (Wakeful REM State)
  • An experience that invites your intuitive body to speak it’s stored available wisdom
  • A process which can bypass your avoidance mechanisms so that fear that has been trapped in the body can wriggle its way free
  • A deconstruction and reconstruction process
  • A way to speak to yourself through your body

It comes from a total surrendering; allowing the experience to take you where you are needing to go. Spontaneous movements may happen; that derives from various openings that get created via the Innerdance process.

The Innerdance process looks at our very old mental coping mechanisms developed in Deep History to deal with fear states and to survive in unfriendly environments. All organisms, plant and animal hold rhythm, melody and harmony, a kind of internal music to manage our own perceptions of time and space. These mechanisms are ancient programmings, which go through changes due to modern lifestyles.

Being at the almost tip of Africa, we have Table Mountain here which holds a strong energetic energy for our planet Earth. It is the Earth Chakra of the Earth.

In Innerdance, our rhythms are rewritten, finding equilibrium that break apart attachments and judgments.

It is a process of deconstruction, so that the New Human can be Born.

There are vast experiences that people have when in this space. Come with an open mind and willingness to heal and learn more about yourself.

An innerdance session lasts about 1.5 hours. You lie down to start and the music invites the body to respond as it needs feels called to.

As a facilitator, during the session, I support the process by facilitating energetic bodywork and sound healing when called to do so.

Please note that sessions are often co-facilitated with other innerdance teachers to support the space.