Calling in Divine Will (Divinity Embodied Series)

Are you living your life according to your Ego-Will OR Divine Will?

For many of us,  we want to follow our purpose and what we are born to do in this world, but very often we are actually coming from our ego. This can look like: wanting it to look a certain way; doing what we think others will approve of, staying in total control of the situation, doing what is safe and known to us or doing what we feel is “right”.

When we start to make intentions to align ourselves with Divine Will; we have to totally surrender and trust in what that will look like  and what that could mean for our life.

This Innerdance session is to support you to call in and align with Divine Will.

It is my unmistakable belief that not a blade of grass moves but by the divine will.
Mahatma Gandhi

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