INTRODUCTION (5 Element Series)

Are you ready to dive into the Archives of who you are?
Are you ready to deeply surrender and trust?
Are you ready to Remember?

Through this series of InnerDance sessions, I will be guiding you on 5 journeys through the five elemental gateways to connect into your Inner-World of Divine Truth through your body’s intuitive wisdom.

Note: You do not need to do all 5 sessions. However, in order to experience a full integration, I would recommend that you complete all five.

Intentions & Benefits for these sessions:

  • Balancing and Energising the Five Elements within you
  • An Integration Process of Remembering
  • Unveiling the Truth of Who You Are
  • Waking up Your Voice within Each Element Inside of You
  • Balancing of your Masculine and Feminine (Shiva / Shakti) Energies
  • Opportunity for Deep Clearing
  • Bringing you into a direct experience of yourself as energy
  • Receiving physical, emotional, mental and spiritually healing
  • Waking Up Your Senses
  • Rising of appropriate Kundalini energy
  • Allowing the voice to be expressed
  • Allowing more Trust
  • Increased Consciousness and Awareness of Self
  • Reconnection to Mother Earth


Flight of the Hawk

The Air is the breath that gives life
It provokes change and inspiration
It is the Element which allows us to expand into the Greatness of our Being
It is the Element that allows us to Vision our Greatest Potential
…If we choose…

What are the whispers of the Air communicating with you at this time?
How does the Air move inside of you?
How is your breath?
How is your relationship with your mind and your thoughts?
How far are you willing to fly those wings?
What secrets and mysteries does the Hawk want to share with you?
How does your body speak the Air within and around you?

“Listen to the quiet wind
Be free with your thoughts
Clear and light like a feather
Leave your burdens behind”
Medicine for the Soul Cards



Waking up the Dragon

The Fire is the Sun that illuminates
It provokes transformation, death and rebirth
It is the dragon that wakes us up from our sleeping state
And reminds us why we are here
The Fire calls us to be the Warriors and the Changemakers in the world
…If we choose…

What inside of you is a Burning Flame ready to shine in the world?
How does the Fire move inside of you?
What are your true passions that light you up?
Can you ignite the Light within your own heart?
What parts of you need to die?
How does your body speak the Fire within and around you?

“Focus your energy towards passion and life
We have power to create and power to fight
Transformation is the path to creativity
Ignite the flame in your heart”
Medicine for the Soul Cards



Descent into the Oceans

The Water is the expression of the deepest surrender
It provokes flow and fluidity throughout our full spectrum of Life
It allows for our deepest feelings and emotions to be felt, seen and moved
It reminds us where we are stuck and not able to “go with the flow”
The Water is calling us to feel deeply
…If we choose…

What inside of you is ready to take on a new form?
What is supressed that could be creating harm to you?
How is the Water inside of you moving? How is it flowing?
What are the waves, ripples and tides of the Water wanting to show you?
What parts of you are ready to let go?
How does your body speak the Water within and around you?

“What is stagnant needs to flow
Deeply releasing what must go
Washing through those tears and fears
Claim your innocence back”
Medicine for the Soul Cards



Coming Home to Self

The Earth is the chamber that we chose to live in
It provokes completion, support and stability
It allows us to feel secure and safe within our own Being
It is the keeper of Earthly Wisdom that reminds us who we really are
The Earth is calling us to sink into its roots
…If we choose…

Are you ready to ground more fully into who you are?
What inside of you needs to come into full expression in the world?
What are the deep fears and beliefs that need to be released?
Have you taken the time to really feel the Earth that you live in?
How does the Earth speak to you?
How does your body speak the Earth within and around you?

“Connect to the sounds of nature
Rest, let go, receive and be held
Hear the whisper of the Earth beneath you
The playground of manifestation”
Medicine for the Soul Cards



What’s between the seen and the unseen?

Akaska invites us into the Still Void
It is the medium from which the other Elements are derived
It is the macrocosmic spiritual mirror of our DNA which is the blueprint of who we are
It takes us on a journey where there is no beginning and no end
Akasha asks us to allow the unseen mystery to guide our way
…If we choose…

Are you ready to drop into full presence?
What are the cells in your body requiring at this time?
What is hiding in the spaces in between that seem to hold nothing?
How do the spaces in between move and express?
What inside of you is ready to be advanced into the realm of the Akasha?
How does your body speak the Akasha within and around you?

“As the matrix of the creation, Akasha holds patterns of information in the same way that the night sky holds constellations, in a multidimensional grid that is the home of consciousness as well as the origin of the material forms we see in our world and our bodies” – Alchemical Healing by Nicki Scully