What’s between the seen and the unseen?

Akaska invites us into the Still Void
It is the medium from which the other Elements are derived
It is the macrocosmic spiritual mirror of our DNA which is the blueprint of who we are
It takes us on a journey where there is no beginning and no end
Akasha asks us to allow the unseen mystery to guide our way
…If we choose…

Are you ready to drop into full presence?
What are the cells in your body requiring at this time?
What is hiding in the spaces in between that seem to hold nothing?
How do the spaces in between move and express?
What inside of you is ready to be advanced into the realm of the Akasha?
How does your body speak the Akasha within and around you?

“As the matrix of the creation, Akasha holds patterns of information in the same way that the night sky holds constellations, in a multidimensional grid that is the home of consciousness as well as the origin of the material forms we see in our world and our bodies” – Alchemical Healing by Nicki Scully