Descent into the Oceans

The Water is the expression of the deepest surrender
It provokes flow and fluidity throughout our full spectrum of Life
It allows for our deepest feelings and emotions to be felt, seen and moved
It reminds us where we are stuck and not able to “go with the flow”
The Water is calling us to feel deeply
…If we choose…

What inside of you is ready to take on a new form?
What is supressed that could be creating harm to you?
How is the Water inside of you moving? How is it flowing?
What are the waves, ripples and tides of the Water wanting to show you?
What parts of you are ready to let go?
How does your body speak the Water within and around you?

“What is stagnant needs to flow
Deeply releasing what must go
Washing through those tears and fears
Claim your innocence back”
Medicine for the Soul Cards