This is a series of 5 InnerDance Sessions to support you in unlocking the hidden parts within you that are ready to be seen.
We all are Divine Spirits under our “masks”.

This is true in more ways than one right now!

Yet, it is true for most of us. We spend so much of our time HIDING and as a consequence, stop ourselves from fulfilling our purpose – in turn creating situations which take us further away from where we truly want to be.

I have created this series of sessions to support you in unveiling and removing layers and masks within you, so that you can begin to See, Uncover, Feel, Experience, Heal, Remember and Embody the hidden parts within you…. that are:
1) appropriate for you to uncover at this time AND
2) in alignment with your Highest!

  • What is hiding that needs to be seen now?
  • What is hidden from your awareness about your true nature?
  • What is lying dormant within you around your purpose and potential?
  • What does your fear protect you from?
  • What is sitting in the shadows that you might not want to see? Yet – it’s waiting for you to be brave enough to find it!

A New Human is waking up within many of us. In order for that New Human to fully wake up, you can support the process by slowly unravelling the masks, shadow parts and fears that stop you from expressing your true nature in the world…. And inevitably allow you to Remember Who You Really Are.

I will also support you during the weeks with extra self-reflecting homework to support you in going even deeper (if you so choose).

Each session I will also invite you to connect to your voice and the parts of you that have not been able to express. If it is appropriate for you, these sessions can support the awakening of your Hidden Voice.

Note: You do not need to do all 5 sessions. However, in order to experience a full integration, I would recommend that you complete all five.

1) Revealing the Hidden behind Ego

The Ego is linked to our identity
It is our comfort and what we know
It is a mask that doesn’t really want to change
It protects and protects and is especially afraid of vulnerability
…are you ready to reveal what’s hidden behind the ego waiting to be uncovered? …

How does your Ego prevent you from doing what you Love?
What does your Ego tell you that is not true?
What fear do you have around letting go more of your ego?
What secrets and mysteries lie hidden behind the walls of your ego?
How does your body respond to the Hidden messages behind your Ego mask?

“Your worst enemy is hiding within yourself, and that enemy is your nafs or false ego.”
“The Ego is a veil between humans and God”.

2) Surrendering to the Hidden behind Control

Control can take us out of flow
It can prevent us from receiving something unexpected
It is a part of our masculine side that wants to “keep it together”
It looks cool and calm on the surface
But is often hiding a deep well of emotions, feelings and deep down desires
…are you ready to let go of your control so that you can feel what is there to be felt? …

How does your control prevent you from expressing your true feelings in the world?
What is your flavour of control and how does it protect you?
What fear do you have around letting go more of your control?
What secrets and mysteries lie hidden behind the walls of your control?
How does your body respond to the Hidden messages behind your Control mask?

“I thought that I was in control
I thought I was the master
But belief’s not from my soul
That’s why it’s a disaster

And then a voice calls from my soul
I hear him inside
Brings silence from within my hole
And tells me not to hide”
Craig White

3) Unlocking the Hidden behind “Not good enough”

Many of us believe that we are not good enough
This belief creates an illusory perception of ourselves
It is a mask that keeps us in constant doubt out of its own fear
We give our power away and then don’t shine our True Light in the world
…are you ready to transcend this story of your “I’m Not Good Enough” belief?

How does your wound to your self-worth prevent you from expressing your true self?
What is your flavour of “Not Good Enough” and how does it play out in your life?
What are you holding onto around this identity that is creating a barrier?
What secrets and mysteries lie hidden behind the walls of your “Not Good Enough” story?
How does your body respond to the Hidden messages behind this “Not Good Enough” mask?

Why pretend to be someone you are not
When you have something they haven’t got
Cheating yourself of the life you have to live
Deprives others of that only which you can give
Ellen Bailey

4) Waking up the Hidden behind “Fear of my own power”

Our true power is our unique gift and expression in the world
We find ways to diminish it so that we forget our Power
This protection can halter our contribution to the world
Creating experiences in our lives where we feel and experience powerless
…are you ready to reveal what’s hidden behind your fear of your own power? …

What lies dormant within your veils that are protecting you from your True Power?
What does your True Power want you to discover about it?
What fear do you have around your Power?
What secrets and mysteries lie hidden behind the walls of your fear of your Power?
How does your body respond to the Hidden messages behind your “Fear of my own power” mask?

“These intuitive powers were given to your soul at birth.”
“Many of us have lived desert lives: very small on the surface, and enormous under the ground.”
Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves

5) Awakening the Hidden behind “The doorway into the Heart”

Within the heart lie the secrets of our soul
It is a multi-dimensional gateway into the sacred fountains within us
It is a door that we often like to keep closed
For many of us, we have protected this doorway to not feel what is there.
…are you ready to reveal what’s hidden behind your doorway into your own Heart?

What is within the cave of your heart that is ready to speak to you?
What lies hidden in your Heart space that you are ready to discover?
What fear do you have around opening up this gateway?
What secrets and mysteries lie hidden behind these walls that you are ready to Remember?
How does your body respond to the Hidden messages when you open the doorway into your own Heart “?

The Entrance door
to this sanctuary
is inside of you


Intentions & Benefits for these sessions:

  • Unveiling the Truth of Who You Really Are
  • Opportunity for Deep Healing and Clearing
  • Transformational Shadow Work, bringing you closer to your Remembering
  • Receiving physical, emotional, mental and spiritually healing
  • For your expression, voice and True Spirit to be seen, heard and experienced
  • Deeper Trust Within yourself
  • Letting go of old belief systems & patterns
  • Letting go of old paradigms of consciousness
  • Ancestral & Past Life Clearings (if appropriate for you)
  • More flow in your life
  • Increased Confidence
  • Birthing True Inner Power
  • Awakening Heart Consciousness
  • Increased Consciousness and Awareness of Self
  • Bringing you into a direct experience of yourself as energy
  • Rising of appropriate Kundalini energy


R220 per session
R880 for all 5 sessions
EFT Payments (Email to request)
Reference Example: ID1-YourName-HiddenEgo   OR   ID5- YourName –HiddenAll

$20USD per session
$75USD for all 5 sessions
Payment via Paypal – use email address:
Reference Example: ID1-YourName-HiddenEgo   OR   ID5- YourName –HiddenAll

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What is InnerDance?

  • The best way I can describe it is an intensive sound healing journey that unravels one into the Truth. The Innerdance works by taking you into 12 stages of transformation and this occurs via the playlist and intention of the facilitator.
  • You start lying down…. And as the music and sounds play you will journey into the spaces you need to go to. The body, heart, mind and spirit can move, dance and express When and If it feels called to.
  • InnerDance is based on the analogy that our body is a book with stored memories that have been accumulated over a lifetime/s. With the analogy of the body being a book, the sound waves from the music allow us to access parts of ourselves we are ordinarily unconscious to.
  • InnerDance is grounded in the science of vibration, senses, sound and frequency to create shifts through the different brainwaves and internal process, peeling away the layers of our conditioned mental limitations. We then see what is beneath all the systems of thought that covers up the actual consciousness of our heart.
  • These soundscapes are created to take you out of ordinary reality into the Library of your True Being
  • The process has a way of slowing down our thought processes so that we can remember our nature. We Wake Up.If you are familiar with Breathwork, Innerdance is like the sister to Breathwork. The experiences can be similar; however Innerdance has no technique and no form. It is complete surrender – The feminine, the chaos, total allowing, spontaneous flow, non –doing – It happens in full trust in the unknown.
  • Due to the sound frequencies, the nervous system rebalances and often allows for a lot of trauma release, emotional release and expression that would otherwise be suppressed or unseen.

Guidelines & Things to Know:

  • Firstly, you don’t need any prior experience.
  • This process will take you as deep as you are ready to go. Be as you are.
  • You will require a comfortable place to lie down – preferably on a yoga mat (on a carpet). You can lie on your bed, but be careful that you won’t fall asleep. A yoga mat OR a thin mattress on the floor or carpet is therefore better. You might want to have a thin cushion for your head
  • Ensure you have some space around you
  • Make sure you have layered clothes on / a warm top / blanket close by in case you get cold
  • Ensure that you will not be disturbed
  • Headphones are recommended for a full sound experience but not vital.
  • The actual journey will comprise of a playlist that I will be creating for each Element. Live instruments, spontaneous voice, singing and self-enquiry will also be included during the sessions to support the space
  • Through energetic distant healing, sound healing and the holding of sacred space I will support the group energetically through the process
  • You lie down in sessions and allow the body to respond as it feels called to respond.
  • This might take the form of subtle or large movements, tremmering, dancing, sitting, spinal movements, shaking, crying, laughing, singing and also no movement at all – Be as you are! Also allow emotions and feelings to surface and give them an opportunity to express.