When I first met you I was so scared
You turned my world upside down
I had no where to run
…You made me face my fears

Sometimes life brings us a Great Gift
In the form of a Great Challenge
To help us Remember who we really are
To help us with exactly what we need to learn

I notice how you love me no matter what
Whether I am sad, mad or happy
You remind me that life is not just about oneself
You have taught me about unconditional love

When I walk with you alone, I see you in your greatest
I see your wild nature
and I connect to my own wild nature
The parts wanting to be wild and free

You remind me about the gift of innocence and pure joy
How to connect to the childish wonder of life
In your eyes I see mine
and in my eyes I see yours

You are my soulmate, my Love
My mystery and my sun
You make me laugh and you make me cry
You open my heart and show me how to be loved

I feel blessed to have you
I cant imagine my life without you

Thank you Aseena
For choosing me to be your mom
For helping me open my heart
and learn how to deeply Love