The fear of being wrong is one of the strongest unconscious fears that most humans live with. It is not something one is even aware of; we hold onto what we know – and are scared to make changes, even if we KNOW it is good for us. We choose stubbornness and stay stuck because on some deep level we have a huge fear of being wrong.

What could this mean?
Well, It could mean that:

  • how we acted in the past was not healthy for us.
  • we chose to believe things that were actually not true
  • our belief systems were causing harm to us
  • we stayed in that relationship when we knew all along we should leave

But often we keep things the way they are! Often we carry on with what we are doing because we don’t want to face the fact that we could have been wrong. For some reason, that feels far worse.

I went through a difficult time in my life where I walked away from all the things that were actually good for me.

Somehow I believed that I had reached a space where i didnt need those things anymore. I was “better” than that. I really believed it. I had a lot of money at the time and I felt free. I was convinced that I was on track.

Slowly over the following few months I started getting sick and things started to go wrong.
I slowly veered off path.
I lost my money.
My friendships took a knock.
I was guided to travel. I explored the world.
I learned about forgiveness and asking for help.
Something died in me; that was about to be reborn.
And right before I made some big life changing decisions, I reliased that actually I had been wrong… about many things!
And that is how my life turned around and I started to heal!

There is an interesting paradox to my story in that I needed to reach a type of rock bottom to learn this lesson. Of course, my rock bottom was honestly not as bad as many peoples… yet, it was still my dark time. A time which felt incredibly scary at times. I am grateful for the epiphany’s i had and the many gifts that got given to me at the time.

Through your shadow, you will find your greatest Light.