I’m feeling something change within me.
It’s to do with worthiness and honouring of myself.

I have spent parts of my life really not honouring, respecting or acknowledging myself. It’s actually so easy to fall into this trap. We believe that we are not good enough, not worthy of greatness, not worthy of fulfilling our deepest dreams or we disbelieve in who we ‘Know’ we are.

I know how easy it is to forget.
I have done this too. Most of us forget. The problem lies when we constantly choose to forget who we are.

I am choosing now to Remember and Honour myself.
I choose to fully surrender into the deep-hearted worthiness I feel for myself.

A few weeks ago I had a near-death experience where there was a possibility that I might die. This thought crossed my mind as I was being tied up asked to keep quiet while we were being robbed.

When I came out of that experience alive and unharmed something shifted in me around my life, my purpose and worthiness.

Within one week I had found a beautiful new home and since then I have stepped more into the worthiness of who I know Leigh-Rose is and what she deserves and requires to be her best. Not from a selfish ego space, but from a self-loving and deeply self-honouring space. I can feel the ripple effects that it is having.

This worthiness theme has been coming up so much in the last few weeks and I can feel I’m healing very deep beliefs and patterns that have been calling the shots for a long time. It’s work in progress… but I can feel I have turned a corner.

It’s a fine line. This feeling of worthiness and then a shadow aspect of self-indulgence and ego … I’m constantly looking at this to see where am I coming from, and is this worthiness coming from my heart or ego. We can easily fall in this trap of thinking we are feeling worthy for something, but it’s actually not coming from our hearts at all! It’s coming from greed, ego, wanting to feel ‘special’ or lust. We are master tricksters when we want to be. This requires deep self-honesty.

I choose to live a life where I am embodying my Highest potential and the worthiness of all that that brings. I choose to open my Heart to give and receive. I choose to share my creations with Love, and integrity and to honour my place in the world.