Today I introduce myself as a Whole.
The diverse expression, body, heart, mind and Spirit that expresses through me.

This post has been coming for some time.
I need to be honest by saying that I have been resisting and running away from it….
Yet, It keeps knocking. (It always does… Until we listen!)

Today it seems to be writing itself…. And so here it is.

My intention for this blog post is to express all parts of me – not making one bigger or smaller than the other but allowing myself to be open about who I am in this moment in time.

I have always seen myself as being multi-talented & multi-dimensional. Multi-talented for me means to embody and express an array of gifts, passions, expertise and talents. I keep learning, growing and evolving, and as a result, I have gathered many gifts along the way. I also hardly look at something from one perspective; I prefer to see the world from a birds eye-view and from various multi-dimensional spaces.

  • I am by nature multi-talented.
  • I am by nature a See-er and a Knower.
  • I am by nature Intensive and passionate.
  • I am by nature fast at many things I do.
  • I am by nature a pioneer.
  • I am by nature a lover of dance and music.
  • I am by nature a Goddess.
  • I am by nature a practical mystic.
  • I am by nature highly sensitive.
  • I am by nature deeply in love with forests and oceans.
  • I am by nature a traveler.
  • I am by nature curious.

When we meet, you will probably not forget me.
I have this ability to stand out, even though I don’t always want to.
I secretly have always wanted to be on stage; to be somehow in the limelight…
Someone like Audrey Hepburn or Ginger Rodgers.
However… my fear of that has been as Great.

So, This is Me – And today I OWN IT!

Existing in this way, has offered me the most incredibly diverse experiences! I find myself in places that people only dare to dream of because my bravery (and sometimes my maverick or rebel :-) often follows that which is not the norm.

On the downside of my diversity, It has at times caused me great confusion, where I have found myself running around like a headless chicken – not knowing where to focus and how to focus. I start doubting my path and what I am meant to do.

What I have come to learn is that through these times of confusion, self-doubt and “scattered-ness”, I unconsciously reject parts of myself. Slowly forgetting that I am so much more than I think I am.

What I have been learning, is that when I reject these parts of myself – I cause myself Great Pain.
Today I choose to let go of that Pain, by calling all of me Home.

No more suppression.
ONLY Authentic Expression!

I have come to realize that I can be myself – in all of me.
I can express as many parts of me as I want.
…and that is okay!
In fact, it’s AMAZING!!!

I choose now to openly express my Being in all of Her!
And to share my life as a Unitive Whole.
Whether I am rejected, understood, not understood or applauded – it doesn’t matter!
For now, I choose to be ME.

I have often followed the Calling or the Whisper when it presents itself.
I have a gift or a tenacity to “follow” what is in front of me.

Some roads have led me to explore the most incredibly parts of myself and life itself.
Some have led me to “dead-ends” with lessons along the way.
Some have been so impactful, I can’t imagine my life without them.
Some are totally a mystery to me.

What is being called forth for me right now is a Soul Desire to step out of my “comfort zone” and to Express.
Scary…. Yes!
But the willingness, courage and “YES” in me is so ready. I am willing and ready now to embark into new terrains and new landscapes.
I can feel it.
Edging forward… one foot at a time.

My career path has been an interesting mixture of roles such as teacher, designer, developer, digital entrepreneur, dance facilitator, musical alchemist, energy healer, speaker and author.

Hence I struggle to answer the question “what do I do” :-)

I am involved in several businesses and passion projects and today I want to share what these are, and what I do in the world.

What brings me heart-filled passion
What I’m good at
Where my career has led me
What my gifts are
What inspires me and motives me
What I still want to do

In future blogs I will share more detail on these, but today I want to share what I do in the world. These are some of my businesses and passion projects! Some I have been involved with for many years and some are very new:

  1. Journey through Dance
  2. Innerdance & Musical Alchemy
  3. Awakening the Hidden Voice
  4. Energy Healing
  5. Elevation Design
  6. Corporate Wellness
  7. VR Inner Therapy
  8. Medicine for the Soul
  9. Zouk Lambada
  10. Ocean Project

All my work is very much creative and intuitive; whether it is through designing a logo or creating a Journey Through Dance class on facing your fears!

When I look back over the last fifteen years, Teaching and sharing my knowledge keeps coming up as a big theme. I find myself in many spaces playing the TEACHER role.

This began in 2007 when I started teaching private photoshop lessons which I did for 8 years. I was then a lecturer at Friends of Design for a year from 2008 – 2009 and just after that, I began teaching Brazilian zouk lambada (partner dancing) for 2 years (which by the way I am starting again very soon!)

I began Journey through Dance classes in 2009 and am now offering an intensive training program in this. In 2017, I started facilitating Innerdance and have offered teacher trainings in this as well.

My connection to spirituality and my spiritual growth has played a vital role in my life. This leads me onto my next point: The biggest Key to my success as a multi-talented entrepreneur, visionary, artist, facilitator and creator is actually the Frequency and Vibration that I energetically vibrate at. That is it! When I keep my frequency high, I am able to do it all. My spiritual practices have kept me going.

I have a privileged life in many ways!
I get to be in the tech world through my company, Elevation Design where I am constantly learning, changing and evolving through the digital creative spheres. I get to engage in interesting and diverse projects which has broaden my life perspective and creative and tech expertise.

And…I get to hold space for deep transformational work that inspires and supports shifts in people’s lives.

I get to dance, create and explore through sound, music and movement.

….By nature she sings, dances, swims, plays in the forest and loves to create music. She creates beautiful pieces of digital art and is a computer wizz. She is a goddess, practical mystic and warrior-ess. She is known for seeing and knowing and picks up what others usually do not. She is gentle, she is wild, she is the rose, she is innocent and strong. Her presence envelopes, inspires and nurtures those around her when she allows herself to let go and be seen. She doesn’t need any permission or instruction. She is as she is….