Walking my path in 2024, I find myself doing many things very differently:

My exercise routines have changed.
My morning & evening routines seem to have shifted.
I care less what people think.
I am loving my body more and not focusing so much on its imperfections.
I am offering classes I never thought I would have.
I am attracting different types of clients into all my businesses.
New types of people and friends are entering my space.
People from my past are coming back into my life.
I’m feeling the desire to be in a relationship again.
I am not so quick to make decisions and realise that I could be wrong about things.

It’s not always making perfect sense to me; and some days I don’t think things are working very well at all, but at the same time there is a voice inside of me saying “you are on the right track… carry on”.

My body has been going through changes. Strange things at times! Walking this spiritual and shamanic path I am on; it is not always easy to discern if it’s purely physical or something else. This is something I have been grappling with for the last 1.5 years. Most of the time I don’t believe its physical at all, but of course the body speaks… and when it’s in pain, one has to listen.

I can feel something within me has slowed down.
Yet… something else is speeding up; waking up.

It’s a peculiar phenomenon.

I do feel like I’m in unknown territory.
And so, I choose to remain curious and see how my year unfolds!
I trust that I will manifest my soul’s most aligned path.