For the last 3 years I have been living in a beautiful community home in Hout Bay. My time here has been transformative beyond words and I have grown so much.

I am grateful and reflect now on:

  • The people I have met
  • The connections I have formed
  • The nature walks I have discovered
  • The coffee shops I have sat and ate at
  • The projects that I have been involved with
  • The hours of dancing I have danced
  • The classes, workshops and trainings I have run
  • My dog who I adopted and my time with her here
  • More of my life purpose that has unfolded

The transformation I have witnessed in others and myself

My home, called Alchemy – has done its job!

…and Just as strong as the guidance and path led me to this home, the path is now showing me in a powerful and strong way, that it’s time for Change again…

Change has sometimes been quite scary for me, but this time around, I am feeling an Immense Trust and Knowingness which inspires me.

I am actually feeling an awe-inspiring sense of excitement and curiosity in how life is unfolding.

I can feel my level of Service and wanting to step into more of my Authentic Truth and Expression is Here.

One brave step at a time….

Thank you Alchemy! Thank you to Kelly, Lara and all the people I have lived with here, who have supported me and been part of this epic and adventurous journey of self-discovery and mastery that I am on.

I look forward to sharing more in the weeks to come.